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What type of Mosaics can be used on bathroom floors or wet areas like showers?

What type of mosaics can you use on bath areas or shower floors?

Most any mosaics can be used on bath or shower areas, stone, porcelain and ceramics or in some cases glass tile mosaics.

The first thing to understand is what is called the DCOF, which stands for Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. This is a worldwide standard for wet floor traction and suitability. When a test is performed the result must be 0.42 or greater for it to pass for commercial use.  Stone and ceramics with  matte finish should exceed this standard.

For residential applications the consumer is most concerned about …..”will  I slip and fall and hurt myself?” .  Smart thinking!

Lets examine finishes, typically the bath/ wet area tile  has  a matte or honed finish, NOT polish finish.

Stone and ceramic can be purchased for this easily. One of most popular wet area floor mosaics is our Carrara marble 1×2 Tumbled tile.

The next consideration is size. For wet areas the mosaic chip size should be small, 1/2  x 1/2″ up to 2″ x 2″ . The tile when installed  with typical 1/8″ grout lines  will suffice to counter the tendency to slip even on a shower floor that may have soap or shampoo residue on the surface.  Sizes of 3x 3 or greater enhances the tendency to lose your footing. This is basically common sense.  I don’t recommend large format tile in any shower areas or bathroom floors.  I have been in many hotels where this rule has been violated!

Glass Tile Mosaics can be used in wet areas but AS ACCENTS ONLY; meaning as an outside border listello on the floor perimeters where people are less likely to walk or slip.  This is my recommendation , please heed.

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